We'll tell your story with lots of class & just a touch of sass.

PolkaDachs came into being almost 13 years ago. It began with 2 dachshunds (Lina & Gonzo), an itty bitty baby and a new stay at home mom (Jamie) who had no idea what to do with herself. Living in Dallas, where you monogram anything that moves, Jamie began making personalized luggage and diaper bag tags. Their little house was buzzing with printers, laminators and there were polkadotted ribbons everywhere! What started as a little hobby became a budding small business.

Fast forward 3 years to the arrival of baby #2. This precious little one was a bit more high maintenance (COLIC) than the first. Life got chaotic and crazy, the family left their precious Dallas friends to move to the Hill Country, and PolkaDachs was put on the back burner.

Fast forward 5 more years. Both girls are in school, PTA presidency is behind her, life is still chaotic and crazy, but Jamie has a little bit of time to herself. The laminators are covered with dust and no longer heat up and the fancy schmancy printer was sold years ago. She longed to be creative again....but has no idea what direction to head in.

Then she turns 40. Her favorite group of Sewanee gals are planning a 40th birthday reunion and they are each supposed to do something unique and special for the others. Jamie started looking for someone who could take a list off all their favorite experiences and memories and make a timeline of their 22 year friendship. When she couldn't find anyone to do this particular project, she took it upon herself and designed a "Story of Us" Sewanee style. Based on the response, bells went off in Jamie's head and she began to design more "stories". Then, living in the wedding capital of Texas, the "stories" turned into tales of weddings and maps detailing adventure and fun waiting to be had by guests attending these events. Now Jamie gets to share in other people's stories and celebrations and be part of their joy.‚Äč

And, here we are!! 2 lovely kiddos, an amazing husband with the patience of a saint, a house in the Hill country, new wonderful friends (although we still miss our Dallas buds like crazy), a new dachshund (Fozzie), a new lab (Brandi), dreams of building a public skatepark...essentially, all sorts of new chaos and craziness....and loving every minute of it.

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